Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strawberry heaven

 Oh Yum! I could smell the strawberries as I wandered into the farmer's market this sunny Saturday morning and these taste as good as they look, trust me.  Someday, I might try my hand at my own strawberry patch, but for now I'll cart them home all June long.  The bowl is handmade by an artisan in Vermont.  We came across her shop while driving through Dover--a tiny building filled with lovely hand painted treasures.  I've been waiting until last fall to see it full of fresh berries!

The garden is doing well, and yes, I'll have pictures next week. But for now, I have a project or two I made for challenges in the second round tournament for the Nerd Wars group on Ravelry.  I'll not get into details of the tournament other than to say each month there are new challenges and it's up to each contestant and their own creativity to figure out how to answer it to gain points for their team.  We get extra points if our project can be related to our particular corner of nerdom, which in my case is Star Trek.

So here I have a small makeup bag, which on Ravelry is billed as a "Ferengi change purse"  to illustrate Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #3: Never Pay More for an Aquisition than you Absolutely Have To.  So it is small.  We were asked to knit something that represented an adage, and what better "adage" than one made up especially for Star Trek so I can earn team points?  It will be great to hold all that loose stuff in my purse like lip gloss and eye drops.

And above is a potholder I made to answer a challenge asking for something that illustrates lightening.  There is a popular nerd T-shirt something along these lines--so the idea isn't completely original--but I figured out the pattern myself.  I hope to eventually have the pattern available for anyone interested in knitting it.

And so goes my sustainable life.  There's also been spinning (8 ounces of luscious white Targhee), fiber prep (picking through a bag of lustrous kid mohair) and then all the cooking and exercising.  I may have found a diet secret--I've lost 10 pounds so far this month--but I'll tell you more about that next week.

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