Saturday, July 23, 2011

Compost's bounty

011 by LemonPrairie
011, a photo by LemonPrairie on Flickr.
The summer squash in my garden is really not doing well despite buying strong, healthy, already started plants. Think of how surprised I was to discover these growing out of my compost heap? We started vegetable-only compost last summer and didn't use it in the garden. It is in what I call the "fence wall" corner. That's the spot in suburbia where all your neighbors put up a big tall fence at the back corner of their property and leave a nice little niche for the suburban craftsteader needing an out-of-sight spot for country-type activities. The burbs can be a little uptight about some country-type things. Anyhow, Nature has left me with a wonderful gift of strong, fertile squash, the seeds likely coming from some vendor's fruit in my farmers market. I'm not sure what they will be yet--pattypan, yellow or zucchini, but I will let you know. There are also quite a few tomatoes coming up and I am curious what I will have come fall. My planted tomatoes are doing beautifully too, by the way, and I hope to show you a bowl full of them soon! May your garden also do well!

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