Sunday, August 28, 2011

No need to travel: Fleece finds me

Meadowsong Alpaca's Thriller arrived at my doorstep this week.
My quest for fabulous fibers to spin has reached the tipping point:  I no longer need to travel to fiber festivals, wonderful fleeces just come my way.  Exhibit A: this lovely fleece from Meadowsong Alpaca's in Michigan.  Diane, of Meadowsong, a quality alpaca grower thoughtfully e-mailed me about a lovely fleece grown by her new boy Thriller.  The photo doesn't really do it justice, which is good because I'd hate to have people swooning while reading this blog on their I-phone or something.  Yep, it's really that lovely.  Honest.

Lovely strings of Citrine nestled in luxury.

To represent the loveliness, I posed a couple of strands of Citrine I purchased a Kasey's Beads in Naperville, hopping to allow this semi-precious stone to reflect the beauty of this precious fleece.  Oh, it sunk right into all that soft, fluffy, spin-able loveliness.  Okay, I'm using too many superlatives. Got it. 

Just to let you know, this fleece is going to be the cornerstone of my hand woven throws made with sustainably grown fiber that will one day be the cornerstone of my Etsy shop, once it opens.  In the meantime, maybe some rally nice Citrine and quartz crystal jewelry?  I love using natural stone because I do believe it imparts some positive energies to the wearer.  Plus, stones will stay nice looking, bright and clean even when worn against the skin.  I'll be working on my Etsy page, my new web page (you can still go to for spinning tips while it's under contruction, and I have a New Facebook page.  It's all under Craftsteader.

More green beans grew overnight.

While my fellow crafters enjoyed a lovely day in Allegan at the fiber festival (I'm not rubbing it in east coast, but mother nature has been merciful this weekend) I was slaving away in the garden, picking and tying up tomatoes, cleaning out the dying squash in the garden proper and finding more and more green beans.  I swear,  a green bean can grow overnight because the ones show in this picture were not there yesterday.

We like to grow sunflowers for the birds.
 Abbondante, is how I would describe the garden.  I can speak Italian now because after all the work and a trip to the bead store and Trader Joes, I sipped an Italian Red they sell called "Bastardo" and listened to Pavarotti cranked up from inside the house.  Okay, I used Google translate, but really it was a fabulous day yesterday with blue skies and enough breeze to keep away ravenous mosquitoes.  Sorry for this mention, my East Coast readers, but we also get a certain share of the wrath of global climate change.  Remember, we had Jim Cantore stationed in Chicago last winter for the thundersnow blizzard.  Though, a blizzard isn't so bad as long as you make it home from work before it gets bad and have stocked up on dark chocolate and red wine.  Plus blizzards bring moisture in the solid form--work to dig out but it doesn't seep. I do feel for you guys.

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  1. It looks gorgeous! I must be doing something wrong as no fleece comes to me by itself... Maybe one day.