Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rainy Saturday = Crafting Holiday

There's something wonderful about waking up to a Saturday rife with dark clouds rolling across the sky, rumbles of thunder and storms spewing downpours, runnels of water in the gutter, grass glistening with wet.  Ah Paradise!

My kind of rainy day gray: a chance to get caught up!
A rainy day means Freedom to stay inside and to spin and card to my heart's content.  I might even fire up the dye pot because the cool rainy air means I can open a window and keep the smell out of my house.  I woke up fired up to get going, and have already filled half a bobbin of luscious kid mohair from Tallgrass Farm and carded myself a small pyramid of batts. Free creative time is the lifeblood of the craftsteader.
Yep, the carder needed some exercise!
I'm just a wee bit behind in my pledge to have spun this entire fleece by the end of August.  But determination, and a few good downpours, and I'll up caught up and meet my deadline.
A pleasant pyramid of Tallgrass Farm kid mohair batts to spin.
 I'm way behind because of vacation, and then some medical issues that cropped up--everything is turning out okay, but as you know, the in-the-middle-of-it stage is really not fun and not conducive to keeping up with hobby projects, which include this blog and some of my activities on Ravelry.  I was so caught up with what was going on in the non-hobby part of my life that I haven't been able to create ideas for the August round for my team on the Nerd Wars group!  Yep, even one's geeky side can be chewed up and spit out by adversity.
My personal assistant lends his moral support to all parts of my life.

But life continues, and things do get better, and though  there might not be a Santa Claus, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if we should walk through storms with our head held high, we will never walk alone.  Is that enough mixed adages folks?

The rain didn't stop me from checking the garden for goodies.
So I'm back again with crafty things to share on this lovely, grey rainy crafter's holiday Saturday. Woohoo!  May you all have lovely days of creating beautiful things by hand.


  1. Nice peppers. That will make something spicey.

  2. Talk about beautiful wool! It is so shiny and scrummy!