Friday, September 23, 2011

Equinox and Fruit O' the Loom

Fruit O' the Loom
Happy First Day of Autumn everyone!  I'm enjoying a day at home doing crafty sorts of things.  As a Craftsteader, the Equinox doesn't involve quite the flurry of activity a Homesteader might run into.  My garden is pretty small, and even with the added bonus of squash growing out of my compost heap, it's not like I'm out there digging up potatoes.

But I did have a harvest of sorts to celebrate today--I finished weaving and was able to cut this length of cloth off the loom.  It is pure handspun and I'm making a pillow. Purchased the filling today and Joanne's and I plan to start the finishing soon.

Two of the Hampshires I purchased were a little dissappointing.  I ended out skirting them with scissors.  Which means, basically, that I cut off the matted tips and kept the nice clean stuff underneath. It's a good thing it has such a long staple length because with the tips off, I still have a good four or five inches of nice stuff to spin.  Tomorrow, I'll work on the rest of them and take some pics so you can join in the fun.  My husband negotiated a great deal on them, so it's not too bad.  I'm getting some nice wool out of it.

I'm going to get back to Craftsteading.  I'm making real progress on the yoga mat I'm weaving!  I hope to have something to show soon.

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