Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy and Warped

This will be a pillow to go with the yoga mat.

The yoga mat is woven, but it's still on the loom.  I've decided to conserve warp by rolling it onto the cloth beam and continuing on.  I'm using up leftovers here, and this will be a pillow the width of the yoga mat.  Whereas the mat was plain weave, this time, I'm weaving a rosepath pattern so the weft packs in. It will be nice a cushy and if I add more padding it should be perfect for my head or for sitting on.  I want to make some yoga blankets too, but first I need to finish this warp! I like the way the colorful yarn looks woven.  I'll have to rememeber that when designing yarns for future projects.

Here's another  picture!

Oh, and that Dr. Bronner's soap didn't clean the Icelandic fleece to my liking, so I'm rewashing it in the Trader's Joe cruelty free laundry detergent.  I like that it has lavender in it, so it leaves the fleece with a lovely scent.

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