Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Early Birds can catch more than worms.

Finished a towel before work today!
I was up early this morning and I was able to finish the first towel on this warp.  Above, you can see the towel and some of my experimenting with the tie up on this Schacht table loom.  I have one of the older looms and the tie up has a few issues, so I've added a gizmo I found at JoAnn's to see if I can come up with an improvement.


  1. I like :)

    I once did a set of scarves in those colours and they had the best selvedges I've ever achieved and without a temple too. I'd tried a wee thing I'd though of with the reed spacing at the selvedges, but it's never worked the same since. I guess the powers were just smiling on me that week.

  2. It is gorgeous!!! How wide is your table loom btw?

  3. This loom is 20 inches wide. I am weaving the towels 18 inches wide.

  4. Oh, yes humblebumble selvedges can be a challenge! Notice how my photo is skillfully cropped so they don't show?