Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gremlins 2 , Craftsteader 0

I was threading when I realized the Warp Gremlins tricked me after all.
So, whose keeping score?  I think the Warp Gremlins are, and they are laughing their heads off right now.  You may remember from last week's episode, my elaborate ploy to fool the Warp Gremlins by tricking them to the other side of the room with a tasty craft brewed beer so they wouldn't snarl my warp as I wound it on.  Never fear, the Gremlins got me anyway. I just didn't realize it until a week later.

As I wound the warp, I forgot to add the sticks you need to pack it.  Can't believe it, but I really and truly did that.  I hang my head in shame and add it to my upcoming book Five-hundred Weaving Mistakes to Learn From.

Okay so maybe the beer distracted me as well as the Warp Gremlins.  Gremlins 1, Craftsteader, 0.
What was I thinking? This isn't enough space between rug projects!

The next dumb thing I did was start a new project too close to an existing project on a warp.  Gremlins 2, Craftsteader, 0. Those of you who weave know that you can put on a warp and use it for several projects--and this is especially so with the rug warp seen above.  I don't know what I was thinking really, but there is definitely not enough space between the end of one rug and the beginning of the next.  It would have been fine for kitchen towels, but not rugs.  What I will do is unweave all the handspun rug yarn, advance the loom, and weave some of the ugly spacer yarn and then start again.  All the rest can be taken out when I cut the projects off the loom.

So that is two mistakes in one week.  Three in two if you include the warp that had to be thrown out. Gremlins 3, Craftsteader 0.

But this is just the top of the first inning and I have a plan to fix the errors on both my looms! So, Gremlins, you haven't won yet!

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