Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weaving complexity

This book is opening my eyes to weaving's possibilities.

Weaving should be able to keep me engaged and challenged for many years to come.  That's why I got started with it some time ago, but now that I'm reading Sharon Alderman's Mastering Weave Structures, I'm realizing just how wonderful an art it is. And I'm only on page 32! I've already learned interesting things about weaving and know I will not just read, but study this book.  I plan to do a more formal review down the road, but the book is already opening my eyes and inspiring me.

One of the things I started to do is dig through yarn bequeathed to me by former loom owners. I purchased two looms from people who were giving up weaving and both came with a sizeable stash of mystery yarn. I was able to figure out that all the yarn surrounding the book above is 8/2 cotton.  I can see quite a few towels on the horizon!

My little Schacht table loom, which I have name Milly, will be busy.  With a 20 inch weaving width and rug warp on the big Leclerc, Milly is the perfect choice for my towel ambitions.  I have a few ideas for some interesting towel warps with all that stuff.  I really enjoy the small loom.  Now that it's warped it is easy to stop in and weave a few pics.  I'm enjoying the straight twill structure too.

Craftsteading has never been so good!  Well, the garden part of it is almost over and to be honest, it wasn't as productive as it should have been. We have broccoli that has grown big and strong but has yet to flower!  Thank goodness for the Farmer's Market because without them we'd be stuck with the supermarket.  We have locally grown potatoes to store, and I bought a bunch of the summer's last peppers, summer squash and tomatoes to make one last batch of my favorite summery food mess--essentially a mixture of all of the above with some olive oil, garlic, hot pepper and basil to spice it up. This can be served over pasta or with crusty bread--whatever you have on hand at your craftstead. 

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  1. It's an amazing book, isn't it? I checked it out of our library and now I Must Have It. Eventually. I'm working on Twill Thrills at the moment :)