Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weaving Joy!

Warped and weaving.
Despite being outwitted by warp gremlins, and needing to patch a couple of threading errors, I can finally start to weave.  Above is the start of my first towel using mystery fibers that came with one of my looms--mostly 8/2 cotton, maybe a little linen in one of them.  I was able to get a nice twill pattern together as you can see above.  I still have more to deal with:  keeping the selvedges nice, beating evenly so I get the right number of pics per inch.  I think I started out a little skimpy in that department, but It's my first towel and I'll get it down by the time I'm finished this 12 foot warp.

Perseverance has got to be the single most important attribute for the weaver.  I learned that over and over again as I struggled to get all that twisty warp on.  It was just a matter of time and voila, the fun part begins as I weave along and watch the pattern form.  I am looking forward to using these towels.  Yes, using them.  As a craftsteader, part of my crafting is to make my own useful, yet lovely items.  And also, once I weave all of this, I can get more yarn.  I'd like to make some holiday towels too!  And there's my giant placemat project, but more about that later.

My loom from the back: nice neat threads.

Above is the back of my loom.  You can see all the threads so nice and neat going into the heddles.  Yep, I got them all to obey my commands! Muwahahaha!  I'm quite happy with this. 


  1. That is impressive but I think I'll stick to farmetting and dogs. I don't have the right kind of patience for weaving.

  2. I probably don't have the right kind of patience for farmetting--I would want to be weaving or something.