Sunday, November 6, 2011

When alpaca looks like broccoli

Freshly picked green-dyed alpaca.
Weekends just aren't long enough.  Someone should find a way to cram some extra time in--it doesn't have to be a whole day.  An extra morning would do.  My weekend started with the farmers market--well actually, it started with me drinking coffee and doodling with this blog page.  I came home from the farmers market loaded down with a half bushel each of broccoli, spinach and peppers and spent hours getting them ready for the freezer.  That's a lot of broccoli, so when I look at that alpaca picture, it looks to me just like broccoli.

Today, my whole day was spent out in the garden "putting it to bed" for the winter.  That's another reason the green alpaca looks like broccoli to me.  We went through lots of  plants picking off the last of the peppers and the last of the beans, getting it all ready. Ted dragged home 25 bags of topsoil--we are creating raised beds--but we still have a ways to go.  By spring we should have more compost to fill it in. With all that, I didn't get to my weaving.

No time for weaving this weekend.

I did redo this blog page and added a bunch of tabs.  This includes some of the articles I've written about spinning and carding from my old website.  I'm migrating everything over to this site.  I know it may be a little cheesy, but I added a donation button too. I mean you never know when some millionaire happens upon this site in a generous mood--like maybe Melinda Gates will decide to take up spinning and find my site when looking for tips.  Of course, the donations are not tax-deductible but they will go to furthering the Craftsteading cause. I plan to investigate and write more tips and ideas for people interested in fiber pursuits and provide them in this blog and on this page.

If you hit the "Craftsteading" Tab, you will find a definition of what Craftsteading is.  I would like my readers to leave comments on that page and tell me about how they Craftstead.  I would love to feature my reader's work--talk about some of the beautiful things you are all making!  So please leave a comment!

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