Sunday, December 18, 2011

What is with that music?

Falalalala--giant Poinsettia    
Considering all the beautiful music written for this season it is pretty sick that we are stuck listening to Rudolf and Jingle Bell Rock in the stores and restaurants.  This jolly drivel is enough to make me run out to the street screaming.  Even the Irish pub didn't have the decency to pop in a few CD's with some instrumental Christmas Carols played on Celtic Harp.  Oh, no, stores and restaurants alike blast  "Hideous Holiday Music Streaming Radio" and subject their customers to migraine inducing trash. Trust me, I would much prefer to do my Yule shopping to the strains of Silent Night or Carol of the Bells.

Brings out the Grinch in me. Though I did break down and purchase a 4 foot pre-lit tree that fits our favorite decorations and packs in up in one piece. This by the way, is a genuine sign of aging--in my youth I'd laugh at aging friends and relatives who didn't get a full-sized tree. But now the laugh is on me! This tree is such a lazy thing I don't even need to artistically drape the base: it  has a pretty pot it sits in with blinking red and green star-bursts. I found it at my local Ace since I refuse to enter a box store this time of year.  I've also sent off my handmade gifts created to the strains of Mozart and Vivaldi instead of purchased under the influence of the country version of Frosty.  What have we done to the Yuletide?

But I won't let the Pac-Man Consumerism ruin the specialness of this time of year!  Or the gift part.  We are stacking our Yule gifts under the coffee-table with the pointsettia.  Under the plant you can see a pile of used LeClerc rag shuttles I purchased on E-Bay.  I opened them because of the return policy. 

Lovely aren't they?  I can use them for weaving my handspun blankets and rugs. I have other rag shuttles, but I've decided LeClerc's are the best, made with the care and quality one finds in products from the Deep North. Some of them are really old and well-used but still in great condition.  Yep: quality.  Yep, I am a fan of LeClerc looms, and I'm saving up for a LeClerc 8-harness Compact to replace the Schacht I bought.  Maybe next Yultide I'll find one under the coffee table!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Down with the Bah Hum-bug

I finished and tested this yoga rug this week and it is great of standing poses!
"Seems like we just put the tree away," the DH observed and I have to agree.  It doesn't seem all that long ago that we wrestled the decorations back into the storage box in the basement.  Do we really want to go through all that bother again?
Just finished this handspun, handwoven rug.

This, dear reader, is just another sign of aging.  The Bah Hum-bug, is, like creaky knees and greying hair, a sure sign you reached the top of the hill and are hiking down the other side.  I never thought I would ever think like this, but I'm fairly certain a good-sized pointsettia would make a fine tree stand-in. 
This is many yards of kid mohair.  I need to count it again.
  Despite embracing the inner grinch, projects are reaching completion, including a gift or two.  I'm up to bookmark number three on that warp I put on last week, so I'm happy.  I've also finished up a few projects that have nothing to do with the holidays, like finishing the rugs I cut off the loom last week, and winding off all that plied kid mohair I started spinning in August.  Plus, the holiday is the perfect excuse for a little baking. There are some traditions I'm not about to shirk.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Manic

I'm making this hat for my sister.
Will we be putting up the Tree today? Ted asked me this in the morning before my first cup of coffee. So he got a grunt instead of "Falalalala-lalalala!" because I was stumbling around without my contacts and I'd forgotten it was December already.
Cutting off this giant warp seemed a better use of my time.

A few bars of "Falala" will be my standard answer to all holiday related inquiries this year--you know the usual ones about whether I've finished shopping, baking, decorating whatever. I'm just not in the mood to be manic about doing the holidays. I don't want to turn my home into a tinsel and glitter light show any more than I wanted to run out to a big box store to be pepper sprayed by some moron over a cheesy electronic gadget. Yep. Bah Humbug!

I started weaving bookmarks as little gifts.

Sorry people.  I'm sitting this one out. I'm not putting on a little bow and being a Miss Pacman Consumer Robot and join the throngs in orgy of consumer debt. Oh, I plan to have fun. We'll do lunch in our cute little downtown and visit a few local stores, but I'm not going nuts.  The tradition in my home is small gifts for family. As for each other, my husband and I set modest budgets for our hobbies so we can get some of the things we want. We'll put them under the tree if we get around to putting it up.  We are old enough now to have forgotten enough of the contents to be a little surprised.