Sunday, December 11, 2011

Down with the Bah Hum-bug

I finished and tested this yoga rug this week and it is great of standing poses!
"Seems like we just put the tree away," the DH observed and I have to agree.  It doesn't seem all that long ago that we wrestled the decorations back into the storage box in the basement.  Do we really want to go through all that bother again?
Just finished this handspun, handwoven rug.

This, dear reader, is just another sign of aging.  The Bah Hum-bug, is, like creaky knees and greying hair, a sure sign you reached the top of the hill and are hiking down the other side.  I never thought I would ever think like this, but I'm fairly certain a good-sized pointsettia would make a fine tree stand-in. 
This is many yards of kid mohair.  I need to count it again.
  Despite embracing the inner grinch, projects are reaching completion, including a gift or two.  I'm up to bookmark number three on that warp I put on last week, so I'm happy.  I've also finished up a few projects that have nothing to do with the holidays, like finishing the rugs I cut off the loom last week, and winding off all that plied kid mohair I started spinning in August.  Plus, the holiday is the perfect excuse for a little baking. There are some traditions I'm not about to shirk.



  1. I'm 11 years older than you and I have a tree up. My dogs would have been disappointed if I didn't. Anyway, I like it on in the dark of early morning. Hope you get rid of the bah humbugs and enjoy the season.

  2. Well, my dog found the toy that plays jingle bells and he's been squeezing it all week long. I guess he's in the spirit. He wants to remind us about the presents.