Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flab to Fluff Challenge

The Holidays have been good to me, adding to my stash.
Happy New Years Dear Readers!  I hope this finds you happy, whole and still sane after the long rush of Holiday Fun. As you can see above I've started my New Year with a big headstart in the stash department thanks to the appearance of my favorite magical being, Befana.  Yep, I stopped with the Santa business this year when I discovered that Befana, the Italian version, not only delivers presents to good little girls but also sweeps the house before she leaves.  Now that's something I can believe in.

Okay, so now it is resolution time again.  This year, I am making resolutions I can keep.  One Resolution I am absolutely NOT going to make is anything remotely related to "destashing." I love my stash.  I can always use more.  Avoiding the purchase of lovely fibers is not only unnatural, but it is just simply wrong.

The only destashing I need to do relates to the lard on my posterior. Oooh yes, I've grown large over the years and yes, it is in my best interest to see that stash diminished.  So I got this ideas: how about a little stash switchero resolution?  For every pound of lard I shed, I can get myself a pound of fiber!  If I really get after working out, I should be able to walk out of Tall Grass Farm with a couple of fleeces and still have poundage left over for Greencastle! Yep, I can envision myself doing jumping jacks right now as I sweat off pounds of flab to gain pounds of fluff!

The Flab to Fluff Challenge is born, complete with my very own fiber greed to drive me to salad eating.
Truth is, if I'm busy playing with fiber, how can I eat?  I wonder if I can knit on the treadmill?  This will be a challenge to my time, but should help keep me out of the candy dish in favor of the fiber bag.  Oh yes, I can so do this.  Anyone want to join me? My plan is to announce how many pounds of fiber I've earned at the first of each month. You can join me simply by leaving a comment and then on Feb. 1 let me know how many pounds of flab you've converted to fiber.

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  1. I have witnessed a woman knitting on the treadmill!

  2. Now that is dedication to knitting fitness!

  3. WOW! What a great resolution. I agree with you about not getting rid of your stash. My stash is one of the few things that truly give me joy. My resolution is to be selective on what I do purchase so that everything in my stash is really nice stuff. Life is too short not to enjoy spinning your stash. Also, I have resolved not to save the good stuff for a day that never comes. Get out that quiviet camel or cashmere and give yourself the joy of spinning something truly amazing.
    My only question, if I follow your resolution can I buy a pound of cashmere for every pound I lose?

    Your Spinning Buddy


  4. Happy New Year to you! Hey! It is amazing in what kind of conditions people seem to be able to knit. I know one who does in bath! I mean bath!!! I guess you need to have one of those desks across to keep your stitches from getting soaked, but is it possible even? Anywho... I think that for myself, it would be easier to get pound of fibre everytime I put pound on... I mean, I am lazy...