Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sustainability keeps me busy

My garage has become my root cellar. These will become part of a stew.
Besides writing a harangue about an article on obesity this morning (see earlier blog) I've also been busy with maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.  This is work!  Above are carrots, turnips and onions I had stored in my garage that are becoming a stew made with grass fed beef. Yesterday, I spent a chunk of the afternoon grinding up my organic 8 grain flour for future loaves of bread.  And I worked out both days for my diet attempts as well as doing a bit of weaving and spinning and my newest hobby candlemaking.  So yes, it has been busy.

Yep, those are old heddles you see holding the wicks in place.
  Making soy candles has been my latest interest.  It is fast and easy and uses color.  The candles above were just poured.  They hardened as a lovely creamy yellow which I will show you later.  I had the opportunity to retask some items around my house to do this.  I heat the wax in a small slow cooker and poured with an old ladle.   It's a little messy, but it's kind of nice to have pretty candles that aren't heavily scented.  I don't really like scented candles that much, and unscented candles are hard to find.  So, now I can melt some wax and make what I need.
A jar of my ground flour.

I will have to see if my homemade bread allows me to lose weight.  Besides flour, salt, water and yeast, I throw in a cup of walnuts. I like bitter marmalade so that's low sugar.  Will this work?  We shall see.  I will try to get a photo and recipe in the next few weeks.

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