Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gardener in winter

Jasmine is better than scented candles.
Jasmine blooms in my living room--an exquisite scent steeped in mystery.  It also makes my eyes water and I may need an antihistamine--such is the life of the gardener in winter .  The lettuce is doing well, and so is the cilantro.  I need to plant some basil, though my frozen supply from last summer continues to flavor sauce.

While my plants have been busy growing, I've been busy in my workshop making things.  I've been on a bit of a beading spree. My jewelry wardrobe grows, so much so that I had to go shopping for outfits to go with it.  Metal smithing might slow me down, so I'm thinking of looking into a class at The TLD Design Center and Gallery in Westmont.  This would also expand my design options because right now, everything is pretty much straightforward. They also teach glass bead making, which would be a nice addition to my craft repertoire, and further slow me down.  An advanced class at my favorite bead store, Kasey's Beads in Naperville, would expand my design options. She's having a month-long string of sales on beads so I expect to do some shopping. The red carnelian/fire agate/clear quartz necklace includes some of the Czech glass beads she carries. She also had a great selection of quality findings, as well as natural semi-precious stone, spacers, crystals and other beading supplies.
Additions to my jewelry wardrobe.
Photo above was taken the old-fashioned way without a flash, a steady hand, a window and some judicious cropping. I took a lot of photos that way with a manual camera back when I was a newspaper reporter and digital cameras were an innovation. I vaguely recall the terminology now but I knew what speed and whatever to use. Film was a nice medium, but instant zillion mega-pixels is just too easy. I will need to go out and get myself that contraption people use to photograph and post on Etsy so the photos look better.

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