Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just fixin'

Just fixin' to make a necklace.
Just fixin', according to my sage friend Aileen Beene, is that sweet spot between doing nothing and something.  It's when you have the plans and materials to do something, but just haven't actually started to do anything. Photo above is a perfect example.  You can see all the materials for making a necklace, but no necklace. I'm "just fixin" to make one.  I have the materials, I'm mulling over the idea for a necklace, but nothings been started. Fact is, I've been just fixin' to make a lot of things.

I have pounds of alpaca waiting to be carded and spun because I'm just fixin' to make an alpaca throw.  I received some wonderful cottolin for the holidays, but the towels are in a deep stage of just fixin' because I haven't finished the towel already on that loom.  Well I'm just fixin' to finish them.

Aileen Beene will be proud of me when she discovers how I've mastered this particular stage of productivity. At first, I thought it was non-productivity  and I said so. I was quickly set straight in the midst of an Aileen Been hot flash and told that just fixin' is an important part of doing, like the first scene of  a play.
Almost done with this towel warp!

This inspired me because I figured I'd done my share of just fixin and was ready to move on to scene II and get some doing done. I wove a good foot or so on those tea towels that have been sitting on my loom..  You can see a detail above of the warp wound onto the back is down to the last wrap!  It is will be finished soon!  This is very exciting and I intent to complete the weaving tonight so I can get to just fixin' on those cottolin dish towels.  They will be gorgeous, cause I'm just fixin' to make them that way.

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