Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sign of spring

Kitchen garden: Cilantro grows and basil sprouts in the sun streaming through the slider.
Broccoli sprouts have an extremely unpleasant smell when they are fresh and green in the jar in the sun.  Which is why I ended out throwing mine out instead of using them in a salad. Broccoli sprouts seemed like the perfect winter fresh homegrown vegetable, but the warm cabbage smell is unappealing--more like vegetables gone bad than something I would want to eat. I probably should have put them in the refrigerator instead of the compost.  I don't have this problem when I mix a little broccoli in with the spicy alfafa mix, so I think that will be my plan from now on.
Fresh off the loom:  I took these off the loom last night.  They need to be finished and sent through the wash.

Things are growing and sprouting here and the song of spring is in the air.  The birds are singing cheerily--cardinal calls, house finches and more in a choral tribute to the rising sun. It is beautiful and refreshing and a sign of spring. I plan to walk in the woods today to see if I can hear the red-winged blackbird.  They are the true harbinger of spring, not the robin.  If you walk in the woods in winter you will find flocks of robins overwintering.  They don't all go as far south as one might suppose--at least some overwinter as far north as the Chicago.  We associate them with spring because we see them out on the lawn after worms when the ground is warm and they have chicks to feed.  Likely, unless you are farther north than the Chicago area, they may have spent the winter. I'm not sure how far north they will stay in winter, I just know I see them here.

Flab to Fluff Challenge:  Only seven pounds off since January 1, which really isn't bad because seven pounds is seven pounds. I did go out and shop the clearances for some clothes for my newer size (since last year I've lost about 20 pounds).  Sometimes, new clothes can slow you down, but not really. I can wear loose clothes, it is the tight ones I can't stand. My goal is to double the seven by April 1--a challenging goal without being overwhelming. Oddly, though fiber fairs approach, I'm not particularly interested in fleece right now. The weaving projects are keeping me engaged, plus my plans for this year don't really require another fleece, except maybe an alpaca and a Shetland or two. 

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