Sunday, February 12, 2012

When I want drama...

Aida-this little diva is ready for the title role!

When I want drama, I go to the opera--that's my mantra to those who trash people and stir things up. You've run into the trash talkers (or you are one in which case you'll get offended if I elaborate, but more on that later--see Bitchiest Loser below.) This aside, one of the advantages of being a craftsteader in the suburbs as opposed to a homesteader in the sticks are the perks of the big city, such as the Lyric Opera of Chicago.  Plus, I don't have to raise chickens. Okay, I could raise chickens but what would I do with all those eggs?  I'd be rolling out a lot of pasta since we don't use more than one or two eggs a week.

The cutie above is the work of LizChai a talented designer living in The Netherlands. She sent this to me and I've given Aida a place of honor in my curio cabinet. The little crocheted bear was kind enough to pose for the shot above.  So, if the Lyric decides to do a bear version of Verdi's work, she'll be ready to star.

Aida poses with bamboo singles.

Flab to Fluff Challenge is going well except I keep forgetting to weigh myself.  Yes, that's an odd situation for a dieter but you have to remember I'm a diet pro as this is my 853rd diet. The excitement of the weigh-in is pretty much gone.  But I'm pretty sure I've lost enough to purchase another alpaca fleece if I need for this surprise I'm making.  Yep, I should be spinning alpaca, not golden bamboo!

The Biggest Loser is a bust this season because of the  The Bitchiest Loser Conda. I'm not fond of whining, whiners or drama queens, so the season is a big zero for me and I'm not watching it anymore.  I'd never survive on the show because I'd have told her to shut the (expletive deleted) up and the red team of enablers would have taken the whiner's side. The red team is is currently stuck in the chaos phase of team building and by siding with Trash Mouth have turned into nasty bunch. Yep, when I want drama, I go to the opera.  When they open their mouths, it's beautiful.

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