Sunday, March 11, 2012


Lettuce keeps growing
Remember the lettuce mix I started a few blogs ago?  Well here it is growing slowly but surely into a salad.  The weather is really gorgeous outside--capris weather--so as soon as I'm done blogging, I'll be outside clearing out a space to plant spinach.  Spinach is a cool weather crop and I'm hoping to get a nice harvest.

Placemat #3
And weaving as been moving along.  A third placemat is only 5 inches of weaving from being finished.  I'm well on schedule to having these done by the end of the month.  this is a good thing and makes me quite happy.  I love watching the fabric wind on to the back beam.  By next week, I hope to show you and even thicker wrap.

Flab to fluff challenge:  Is going slowly, but 8 pounds isn't shabby so I'm happy.  It's better than going the other way.  Yeah!

It's nice outside, so that's were I'm going.  Have a great day everyone!

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