Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bitchy little warp threads

The warp looks tame here
Warp can be as bitchy as the mean girls from grade school--the ones you keep running into even as an adult. Mean girls twist and twine and do what they can to mess you up--mean girls find pleasure and self-worth in that--but patience and perseverance eventually win out. Those mean girl warp threads get tamed in the end and a lovely project is woven. This metaphor is useful to all of us who run into those grown up mean girls at work or play. With patience, focus and perseverance the twisted little schemes will be untangled and you will win with the peace and joy of beautiful weaving.

Shown above is 8/2 cotton/linen blend warp that will become some edgy dish towels.  The threading is fairly complicated.  As a new weaver, I am still developing my signature warping technique.  I think I have it figured out and I will use it in my next project--a table runner whose design kind of burst into my consciousness Friday morning.  I love being creative--it is so exciting! This blend of thread has a little lint in it and it is amazing what lint bits can do to a warp. The lint actually fused some strands together and had to be gently coaxed apart.

I even had a mystery tangle and ended out having to add seven warp threads that disappeared!  Below, I show them tensioned on a spare chair in my studio.  Yep, I need to perfect my warping technique, in the meantime there is endless satisfaction in figuring out what went wrong and fixing it.

You should see my friend Beth's warp--so neat, so lovely! She keeps her warp threads in line!  Of course she's been weaving a lot longer than me and may even had a few lessons, so she knows how to deal with those bitchy little warp threads. Next project I will perfect my signature warping method and those bitchy mean girl warps will be history.
Seven warp threads escaped somehow, but have been replaced.

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