Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cereal box blues

Some spinach is ready for harvest.
Sustainable living means extra work For the past couple of weeks I've taken the easy way and purchasing boxed cereal instead of baking my own bread or enjoying home cooked oatmeal. Being away from boxed cereal for so long, I'm a little shocked at the waste.  It doesn't take that long to down a box and there's a big box to fold up and recycled. This seems wrong to me so it was a good reminder for why I opted for home-cooked oatmeal in the first place. Compared to a box of cereal, the same volume of organic rolled oats can go a lot further.

The spinach seed I planted a month or so ago is now producing harvest-able leaves.  Which means I need to go out and harvest.  How much easier a bag of frozen spinach would be.  But I want to do what I can to be a good citizen of Earth. I don't expect to grow everything, but I do what I can to buy local at the farmers market--freezing and keeping things over winter like I would if I had the giant garden of dreams. Storage wise, I have had good luck using cheap plastic containers for spinach and broccoli (my favorite vegetables).  I don't like freezer bags because of the waste--one dinner's worth of broccoli and a heavy duty plastic bag joins the waste stream. Inexpensive plastic containers I purchased at Target have worked great for these vegetables. I only had to pop them out of the plastic for my recipes and wash the container for next fall's use. Since I used them right away, the longest storage period was five months.
Fine alpacas single spun on my Ladybug. 

In the fiber world, I am spinning up that lovely chestnut alpaca I purchased from Meadowsong Alpaca last fall.  It is absolutely gorgeous! I am spinning fine singles which I will ply and use in an upcoming weaving project.  I have to say I absolutely LOVE spinning this alpaca.  And I will end out with a throw that is 100% local and sustainable.

Flab to Fluff Challenge:  I didn't expect to post today, so I didn't weigh in this morning. Tomorrow, PROMISE! I will tweet and my progress will turn up in the little Twitter window on the right hand side of this blog.

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