Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flab to Fluff futility

Gray Coopworth Roving.
Fleece has a way of finding and clinging to me very much the way pounds do.  I pretty much decided I had enough fleece for a few years when my friend Beth asked me to take six pounds of gorgeous roving off her hands. Who am I to say no?  And I will use it in a project.  Beth knows that about me.  I love keeping busy with projects and deadlines.

But I digress. I really don't want to admit how bad I'm doing in the Flab to Fluff Challenge.  I keep waffling around the same eight pounds lost--occasionally it is five, sometimes it is 10 but all the time ridiculous.  And now I have six pounds of lovely Coopworth roving, which I think should count as 18 pounds of flab since it is washed AND carded and free.
I'm planning to paint this glowing white Coopworth over the summer.

So now I HAVE to lose 18 pounds!  I've already taken low-cal food out of the freezer and my exercise bike is ready for a few laps around the family room.  I would blog some more, but I have to get going.  I'm giving myself three months to earn this fleece! That's a July 22 deadline, dear readers!  Can I do it?

PS. That would be 25 pounds in all because today, the eight pounds is seven.

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