Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring's sprint

Blossoming lilac and ornamental at the end of March.
Amazing spring weather has been keeping me from my computer and blogging. Spring sprinted this year speeding through it's succession of flowering shrubs. Things that don't bloom until late April or May were in full swing at the end of March. Take for instance my lilac and ornamental pear tree. The pear is usually in full bloom at the end of April and this was taken at the end of March--that's usually when the forsythia is starting out, something that is long gone by the time these other shrubs get going. I keep a log of those sorts of things as I enjoy watching spring happen.

I prefer a slow pace to spring, the gentle unfolding of each flowering shrub and bulb so that every day brings something to wonder about and progress to savor.  This year's spring exploded into being and everything was blooming at the same time.  Even the tree that likes to wait until May is showing some leaves.  There wasn't much time to savor and I've been busy keeping up with it. I'm wondering if my roses will bloom before June?  I'll let you know what happens.

End of a project.
And I've been busy with weaving projects.  I finished weaving placemats and today I completed threading 483 warp ends in a goose eye pattern. I'm making twill towels with 8/2 cottolin in three colors. I have some pretty ambitious projects planned for the next couple of months so I suppose my blogging could well be sporadic, or perhaps I'll be composing odes to weaving, or singing the blues over twisted warps.

Focus is going to be important.  I will need to work as fast as this past springtime to get all my projects done in the alloted time.  More on that later.

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