Saturday, May 19, 2012

Warp, be not proud

Miles to weave before I sleep.
Patience, persistence, and a positive, anal-retentive, attitude, has brought the warp under control. Yes, I have dressed the almost perfect warp! Oh, those bitchy little warp threads tried to trick me. I found a tangle  just past the threaded heddles.  I don't know how they managed to tangle and twist like that, I suppose they did it while I was at work.  But I caught them and fixed it.  For once, there are no threading errors.

I have now developed my own warping method. And it is anal.  I described it to my long-time weaving friend Beth and she rolled her eyes at the number of times I ran the warp back and forth across the loom, a sign I have taken this one step too far.  But the warp is perfect. I am glad.

Goose eye variations.

Above is what I am weaving, a table runner in 5/2 mercerized cotton using the a variation of the goose eye threading I found in Marguerite Davison's classic book.  This is a gift for someone special.  I wove those towels I was working on and I'm finishing them.  I will display them in a later blog once they are truly done.

Spent most of the day putting the garden in.  Right now, I'm so tired, I can't stand.  I have more to plant though, and need to get out there to put in a few beans.  Ouch.  Craftsteading keeps my life pretty busy.  We put in two more raised beds giving us 32 more square feet in really strong sunshine.  I expect LOTS of tomatoes and peppers.  I will still need the farmers market, but gardening is fun. I bought a bunch of interesting shelling pole beans--some heritage varieties which I am looking forward to trying. A couple of them are that healthy red color we are supposed to eat plenty of.

That's all for now, folks!  Oh, and the poetic puns, my thanks to John Donne and Robert Frost for their pithy words.

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