Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quiet day

I have many projects planned for my LeClerc.
Nothing quite like a peaceful Sunday to give one a chance to catch up on weaving activities. Above, is the current warp on the loom, but this will soon be replaced by something much wider.  I've been spinning alpaca to weave a throw, and if all goes as expected, I hope to be warping next weekend or the one after that.

Usually, I have something planned to say in my blog, but this weekend has been unusually quiet.  Oh, there are strawberries from the farmers market and the fledging robins are still acting goofy in my yard--I saw one asking a cardinal for food--but for the most part not much to say.  The garden is doing well, the weaving is moving along and yarn is being spun.  All is as it should be.

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