Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slightly Warped

Threading heddles requires care and concentration and is a perfect activity to break up.
Coming on the heels of last week's weaving marathon was the Warped Weaver's question of the week, "What do you do about the pain from weaving?"  To say I was a little stiff would be an understatement.  Add to that winding warp for the next project and then finding  I needed to spin up 250 more yards of two ply only made it worse.  And then I got completely engrossed in a project at work that had me sitting hunched over files for hours on end.  By Thurday, I was in serious Aleve barely-touches-it kind of pain.

Between Aleve and yoga, I was able to get it under control, but I remind myself, never again! I am taking the advice offered by so many in this Ravelry weaver's support group to get up and walk around every so often. So I am taking my time threading the warp for this next project, which is a good idea in itself.  Threading is fairly crucial to the weaving process and I really don't want to make a threading error because the I will just be redoing it which means more sitting at the loom.

I thread from back to front and take off the front beam and the beater so I can get closer to the heddles.  I have a low stool for the treading and I keep reminding myself to maintain good posture. Making sure stools and benches are the right height for the job was another bit of good Warped Weaver advice. My legs just fit under the cloth beam, so I can sit head on.  Fortunately, I have four harness and six treadles, because the treadles get in the way of the stool, so I will need to sit at an angle for the middle threads.
Carding alpaca
My break from threading is spent carding the weft.  I dyed quite a lot of alpaca bright red and am very pleased with the results..  I'm waiting on a drive band for my Pat Greene so you can see my trusty Clemes & Clemes in the foreground.  It does quite a nice job on alpaca so it will do until the drive band gets here.  My plan is to alternate between carding and threading so I don't have to repeat the pain of last week. That really was no fun at all.

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