Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weaving Marathon

I filled up a lot of bobbins to weave foot after foot of table runner this weekend.
Keeping up with deadlines kept me at the loom all weekend. I wove at least five or six feet of fabric, which is a lot considering I was using 5/2 cotton shown above.  Which proves that once the painstaking process of warping the loom is complete, the weaving part can move right along.  I will cut the table runners I was weaving off the loom and then I will start winding warp for the next project.  Because the project is a gift, I will show pictures of it later.

My next project is a throw woven from handspun alpaca.  I've been spinning alpaca for months and I hope I have enough for the warp.  I'm a little tired of spinning the color, though I must say it is really nice fiber and the color is a rich chestnut.  It is a cria fleece from Meadowsong Alpaca in Michigan.  This is truly a locally grown and locally made slow cloth project.  I did all the fiber prep too in workshop.
I hope this is enough Alpaca for my warp, or I'm in big deadline dodo.
 Sweatshop possibly--my weaving studio is on an upper floor and it can get a little hot in summer if I don't have the air cranked up.  But the window does have a nice southern exposure, so the light in the room is excellent.  I suppose that's my trade-off the advantage of great light for the disadvantage of it being a little warm in summer..  In winter, the room is fine and there is nothing better than weaving up there in the late afternoon sun.  In the evening, I have some full spectrum bulbs because I love natural light. 

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