Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dance of the Stash Fairy

The Stash Fairy paid a visit to my studio.

The Stash Fairy has visited me big time, waving her magic wand as she leaped, tipsy-toes pointing, across my studio in yellow satin shoes and crystal encrusted aqua silk. She did a few twirls, hands gracefully spreading something that sparkled. Voila! Stash appeared on the back beam of my loom.

Or perhaps I found it in a box at my doorstep, poor little discarded mill end cones of yarn seeking someone who will love them and weave with them.

I discovered the Cotton Clouds Mill End Club. Beth told me about it and was surprised I hadn't ordered from them before. I took a chance and ordered without samples. I made the call and asked for 10 pounds of Fiesta Blend, but Irene, who answered the phone, said she had a great selection of autumn colors so I decided to get 10 pounds of that as well.
She waved her magic wand big time.
Now, it may seem imprudent to buy 20 pounds of mystery yarn, which is what I did. I could have waited for their samples, and sent them back with my order, but I decided to jump in blind and let the Stash Fairy do her best. I wasn't disappointed. Getting 20 pounds of surprise stash is a great way to get the ol' creativity in high gear, because the first question is “What can I do with all this?”

I already have plans for curtains, another throw (or two) and so much more. To round out what I purchased, I bought a few things from the latest Yarn Barn of Kansas mill end mailing. They had a similar weight rayon/cotton blend as I had received from Cotton Clouds in a nice creamy white which will go nicely with those autumn colors. I can see a table runner or two as well as a throw. I'm expecting some amazing things coming off my loom in the next year.

And so the Stash Fairy is always welcome to pirouette her way into my life, leaping gracefully through the air as she fills my shelves with lovely cones of yarn.

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