Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm melting

If I am what I eat, them I'm a chocolate bar and with 100+ temperatures all week, I'm in trouble. I can't believe we are enduring yet another day of this heat wave.  A cool front is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I hope so.
Singles waiting to be plied into weft.
The worst part is my weaving studio is like an oven.  Yes, you've read me brag about the lovely afternoon light up there--and yes, it is lovely. On a Saturday afternoon in February nothing quite beats a southern exposure.  But during a July Heat Wave?  The room is on the second floor and the air conditioning just can't keep up with it.

Normally, I would just abandon my big loom and experiment with 8 harness weaves on the Schacht table loom residing in my workshop, which is in a very cool, lower level of my house. But no, I have a big project on the upstairs loom, which I can't show you right away as it is a gift. And this project has to be done in the next couple of weekends to give me time to finish it properly.

A welcome bout of insomnia allowed me to weave a foot in the cool of the middle of the night.  If I can manage to nap all afternoon I can be up again at midnight and weave another foot or two.  I plied the yarn above with another bobbin, and I'd like to use up the resulting yarn in the weft.  I call it "power ply" as it is amazing how fast one can ply yarn if motivated.  My Lendrum was going like crazy, but the yarn is ready for the wee ours of the morning when my studio is cool.

I should mention the lack of sleep and icky weather have made me crabby, so please don't leave a comment about the virtue of singles.  I hate singles.  My pet peeve is Spin-Off articles about making them, and people extolling the virtues of saving time.  If I wanted to save time, I certainly wouldn't be weaving with handspun.  Okay, better not alienate anyone in this sleep deprived state--I need all the readers I can get.

To all of you in North America enduring the heat, stay safe.

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