Sunday, July 15, 2012


Rain drops on the pavement, a welcome sight in a drought.
After a promising spring, summer turned brutal, with record high temperatures and a drought. The rain we had Friday was welcome, but far from enough. I wouldn't mind some more passing over.  Right now, we have to irrigate our garden, and the rest of our plants and trees are having a hard time of it.  We use a lawn sprinkler for that.  We haven't been watering our lawn though, figuring it has been around a long enough time to hold out.  Plus we don't cut it real short, so it's holding up well considering.  It is all part of that sustainability thing.

Fortunately some of our favorite farmers market growers are also watering so I have a supply of green beans for the week and some really tasty cauliflower.  I'm not a fan of cauliflower but when it is really fresh, it is really good.  We got one dinner's worth of beans from the garden this week, and I don't expect more for a bit.  Zuchinni is coming along too and we should have a bumper crop of tomatoes.
Coneflower enjoying a shower.
With all the dry, hot weather, I've been enjoying the great indoors and, of course weaving.  I finished up the throw I was weaving and now I'm starting on my next project, which will be Chocolate Cinnamon Dishtowels from 8/2 cottolin I bought at the Yarn Barn of Kansas last December.
Yarn for Chocolate Cinnamon dishtowels.
Food themed names seem appropriate for dishtowels, especially ones to be used in my kitchen.  It is a very good chance these towels will be wiping up both chocolate and cinnamon.

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