Sunday, August 5, 2012

March of the Finished Objects

The alpaca in this throw is all handspun.

My flurry of weaving this past few months hasn't quite made it to this website—I showed a hint here or there, but since these were gifts for someone who reads the blog, I had to post discretely. But now I can let out the stops as I gave the gifts to my niece this week so here they are! More on this next week.

The throw is 100% alpaca, the brown is from a fleece grown by Meadowsong Alpaca's in Michigan. The red is a blend of two alpaca fleeces, Manchester and Snow Angel of Wisconsin and Indiana respectively. So this is a tri-state blanket.

Point twill table runner in perle cotton.
Also, there are some pictures of perle cotton table runners. I made two of these, one four feet long and the other six so my niece would have a choice of the look she was going for. I also made some cotton/linen towels. Black and turquoise happen to be her favorite color combination, so Liz gets all the credit for the stunning color combination. They were excellent colors to work with. I decided to throw some red in just to spice it up.

Point twill 8/2 cotton/linen towels.
You will be seeing these colors again when I make her some place mats and make some more towels, but not right away. I have a couple other projects to work on with new warps on both my looms.

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