Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tension on the learning curve

My 8 harness Schacht table loom with obnoxious warp.
I'd been putting up with some pretty obnoxious warp lately--I have trouble warping my little 20" 8 harness table loom and this time the tension was crazy--all uneven with loose threads and threads so tight they snapped when I tried to do something about the loose threads.  I realize now what I need to do when warping it.  I was actually moving right along with weaving on this unpleasant web and
 might have finished it, when the ol' light-bulb clicked on.
Warp undone from the back beam.
I started with the back, unwinding and rewinding the warp.  This move wrecked the cloth on the front of the loom so I cut that off mid-towel.  I will zigzag the edges and use it as a fancy rag in my workshop.  I pulled about a foot of warp through the reed and retied it to the cloth beam.
The cloth beam retied with even tension.
 This turned out great, and I placed a picture above so you can admire it.  This whole process took me about one evening, though I started it one evening and finished it the next with time to spare.  Now weaving on the loom is very enjoyable as you can see below.

Weaving goes better with even tension. The red header is handspun.

At first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy weaving on the table loom because there are no convenient treadle tie ups moving multiple shafts with just one push.  But I'm really coming to enjoy the levers. I have a fairly simple system of posting the lever numbers for each row on the castle and just pulling each row and weaving.  I find it both relaxing and enjoyable and I don't seem to get lost as easily.  The last thing I need to do with this loom is master warping it so I get a nice even tension. I'm planning to use this loom to weave my runners for the Ravelry Warped Weaver's weave along, so wish me luck!  It's always nice to show off something that looks decent.

Today, we did another foray to the farmer's market and now I have two pots of marinara sauce on the stove. I know it's a lot of work, but the tomatoes were a great deal and this winter I'll have all these easy meals ready to go! That means more time for weaving. Yeah!

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