Saturday, September 22, 2012

Five meter shuttle toss

Chocolate Spice Towels in progress.
The shuttle toss is a sport I've been avoiding as I really couldn't do it well.  I'm pretty sure my loom had decided to pick me last for her shuttle toss team..  It wasn't until reading a discussion about it in Warped Weavers that something clicked.  Now, I'm sending my shuttle sliding through the shed to land on the shuttle race beyond.  It is enjoyable, and smooth and goes so well until I get cocky and send the shuttle shooting  across the full width of my loom to land on the floor beyond.  But that doesn't happen too often as I've learned to contain my enthusiasm or catch the shuttle as it flies by.
Perfect toss
The photo above shows a toss that allowed the shuttle to come to a halt just beyond the edge of the weaving--thrown with just enough force to reach it's destination without mishap.

These towels are made with 8/2 organic cotton 60/40 cottolin in the colors Burnt Orange and
Dark Brown from the Yarn Barn of Kansas.  I love the strength and sheen of this fiber as it is a delight to weave with.  I'm hoping for good thirsty towels too.  I'm on my fourth and last towel now and I'm really happy how they are turning out.

This is the same pattern I used for my niece's table runners in black and turquoise reworked to be in autumn colors, (Happy Autumnal Equinox, by the way!), but use a variation of the Goose Eye Block Idea in Marguerite Porter Davison's classic book on four shaft weaving patterns.  I'm really happy with how many interesting designs I can do with four shafts!

We celebrated the first day of autumn with a trip to the farmers market and a half bushel of locally grown broccoli to pack in the freezer.  I also brought a big batch of Roma tomatoes for more tomato sauce. Along with the sauce, I'll be making a couple of vegetable lasagnas. 

And my blog will soon reach 10,000 hits, a milestone I should think.  I'll have to figure out a way to celebrate it!  Any ideas?

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