Sunday, October 14, 2012

First frost, first flu, first milestone

Ted picked the tomatoes after first frost.
Life got in the way of my plans to celebrate my blog's milestone of 10,000 hits.  I planned to find some pretty roving to give away to visitors and that has been delayed because I caught a bad case of that awful bug that is going around.  I spent the last week--more than a week really--coughing and sleeping and taking medicine and seeing the doctor as it was that bad.  But I'm pretty much back--though I won't be doing any singing.  On Thursday I completely lost my voice and today only a fraction of it is back.  Feels like a whole week was kind of cut out of my life as I got nothing useful done. 

There's nothing to show for all this time.  When I wasn't sleeping (or coughing) I read.  Occasionally I skulked on Ravelry--anything that could be done from the comfort of an overstuffed recliner where I could nap.  I highly recommend a big stuffy recliner for being sick--from it I could sleep, read, surf.  Mostly sleep under a big fluffly comforter. I could use the end table for water and Ricolah and tissue.  This chair is very comfy. I'm typing from it now and feeling a little like dozing off.

Tomatoes ripening inside.
The frost came over Tuesday night and on Wednesday all the tomato plants were withered.  Ted picked the ripening and the green ones.  We have a big basket o green tomatoes and maybe they will ripen for us.  We have a few that look ready to eat or cook with.

So this week I will continue to take it easy--no heroic feats of weaving for me. I want that bug to go away and stay away. I will dig through my stash for that pretty roving, though and hopefully find it for next week.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats on hitting 10 000 hits.