Sunday, October 21, 2012

Towels, tomatoes and garden investments

Newly finished 8/2 cottolin towels.
Ironing is one of my least favorite activities, right up there with cleaning up a dog accident, so I did hesitate to do the last step in finishing these towels:  getting the iron out and pressing them.  Technically, I didn't have to since I made these for me to use.  I could have just hung them in the kitchen straight from the dryer and that would be that.  Who, after all, irons their towels?

The demands of the beauty shot to post on my blog and Ravelry had me digging out the iron from its place of neglect on a shelf in my workshop.  Above and below are the attempts.  I took 16 photos, by the way, and because of the close quarters of my workspace there was often something unbeautiful in my shot--like an electrical plug or pen.

Cropped to remove odds and ends on workspace.

But they are done, and I have something to show for all this time.  Fringing towels is pretty low-energy work, easily done while watching TV or just relaxing.  Since being sick, I'm way behind in my weaving plans.  Lately, I come home from work and nap, rather than work on warping.

Bout of warp for studio curtains.
I'm still winding warp for Bella, the 60" LeClerc Nilus II jack loom.  Really I should be busy weaving by now.  Weaving is a fairly active hobby and not something to do while not feeling well.  I hope that this week, I'll be energetic enough to finish winding the warp and start putting it on the loom.
Basket of ripening tomatoes

My garden is still producing tomatoes!  I was surprised to finding plants outside with tomatoes turning red.  Along with those I brought inside, I have about 2 dozen tomatoes to cook with today.  I even have a few peppers that were hidden enough by foliage not to be ruined by the frost.

Gardening is an investment, I'm discovering.  I start with some seed or a nursery plant, do the best I can and here it comes producing dividends even well after a killing frost.  I guess the trick is to make a good investment in hardy stock, good soil and a nice sunny place to grow.  It's October and I'm still making homemade sauce, leaving what I've stored up in the freezer untouched!

I hope everyone has a nice week, stays healthy, and thanks for visiting my blog.  I do plan to have a giveaway ready once I've really kicked this cold thing. Keep on crafting and see you next week!


  1. Your towels look great! Digging out the iron was a good thing :) Giving a handwoven a hard press sets the pattern even if you never iron again.

    My BFF Lynnette calls me the Queen of the Iron.

    Its not for everything but it does have a time and place.

    Enjoy your tomatoes.... I hate eating the cardboard variety that come with winter and from far off places...


  2. LOL! Thanks for the tip on setting the pattern--I suppose my iron will be seeing regular use from now on...

  3. The towels are lovely!

    My iron only gets used for pressing blocks for quilting...

  4. I'm dropping by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on mine. Your towels are beautiful; perfect seasonal colors! Your new warp and tomatoes look pretty good too.

    I confess I owe you an apology. When I replied to your comment, my mind thought "Thistle Rose Weaving" and I called you Martha! Hopefully I didn't offend. Does it help to know she's from Illinois too? (And so am I) :)