Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking my own advice

Picked fiber in eye popping colors I will blend separately with Firestar,
Slow down is going to be my theme for the next year.  Yep, I'm taking my own advice. As it turns out I have to. Yep, the years of poor eating and not staying up on my exercise has come back to bite me. Fortunately, it was only a small nip so I'm back in business, more or less.  But slower than I had been.  Which is not a bad thing, really.

Craftsteading continues.  Some time back I divide a Border Leicester fleece in three and dyed each portion an eye popping color. I pick by hand and above you can see some of my progress. This will be my next carding project--I will blend each separately with glistening Firestar to make some fun yarns.
My on-loan Ashford Scholar is back on the Craftstead.
To be honest, much of my thoughts will be on diet and exercise. But don't worry, though I will talk about my diet in this blog, this won't become a diet blog because all work and no play makes for yawning readers.  After all, Fiber is my passion! And I have weaving to do and more handspun to make.  I got my old Ashford Scholar back from long term loan!  I'm happy dancing as I forgot how fun she was to spin on and how light and portable she is.  She needs a first name as I think "The Ashford" kind of stinks. Anyone have ideas for a first name that isn't " The?"  I would like it to start with an "A."

One thing I am doing different in this diet though, and I'm proud of myself for this, is that I'm not going to wait until I lose weight to buy new clothes.  This is going to be the slow and steady diet and I'm not squeezing into stuff I grew out of in hopes of  actually fitting into it.  So, I've been on-line at one of my favorite stores Lane Bryant Free Shipping on orders $125 or more which has really great jeans for the (clear throat) Full Figured Woman.  Now, I personally like the curvy jeans, and I like the choice of inseam length. What is even better is the fabric is stretchy and comfy and yes, I can exercise in them--at home, of course--and not have to change my clothing nine-million times just to ride a stationary bike or do 10 minutes of light weights (I did say it was the slow and steady diet). 

That's about all for now.  I'll be writing more later.

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  1. Hi, I'm glad you'll be ok. I'll have to start changing my ways too. Are you following a certain "diet" or using your own knowledge base?