Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weaving on the Craftstead

Warp on the back beam--nearly perfect.
Since watching a number of YouTube video's on how to warp a loom, my warping success has improved. I was able to very neatly wind the warp on the back beam by separating one inch segments of warp while I wound. The results are nearly perfect on this cotton and rayon blend. I am making curtains in plain weave at 18 dents per inch--a bright posey-pink cloth with yellow stripes.
Snarled at the cross
Sometimes I think warp is like unruly children--running every which way. As you can see above the yarn snarled up at the cross--the  very area designed to keep the threads neat and in order.  This pain was fixed by gently teasing the threads apart.  The yarn has turned out to be linty, the lint will twist and form bonds between the fibers making them stick.  Pulling them apart isn't something that should be rushed. Good thing I decided to slow down!
Snarled spot has been cleaned up.
Perseverance paid off and I was able to pull all the yarn through the snarls, and tease the lint bonded threads apart. I got all the warp threads to line up neatly.
Threading heddles.
Now, I'm threading the heddles in a classic straight twill. I've threaded 1/4th so far and should be weaving by next weekend.
These tomatoes ripened indoors.
  My lifestyle change--ie, diet and exercise routine--has been developing smoothly. Like warping a loom starting a program takes time and numerous steps.  I signed up for Spark People and started tracking my food and exercise.

Tomatoes being made into sauce.

I've been doing a lot of healthy cooking, which makes me glad I invested in a good set of stainless steel cookware from Sur La Table.  This store has The Best Brands At Great Values! Shop Cookware Under $150 at!  I started with their house brand by buying a small set and have since added pieces as I find I need them, one by one.  My kitchen has limited space, so I try not to buy things I won't use regularly and make do with what I have.  And I want quality.  Whereas other cookware hasn't lasted or pieces  have broken off, etc., my Sur La Table pots will last me even longer than my stash will.

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