Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hope your holidays are bright!

A welcome sight for a warp-challenged weaver!
Not to sound all gushy and Hallmarky, but I think I'm having just about the best holiday season ever.  And it's not all the parties I'm attending (though I will be hosting a get-together in a couple of days) as we live kind of far from family and this is a family time--so no parties until the New Year.

Befana was very good to me this year!  As you know, I no longer subscribe to the Santa myth, but have gone back to my ethnic roots in favor of Befana, the little old Italian lady who brings toys to good girls and boys AND sweeps your house.  No soot, no reindeer droppings, no cookie crumbs all over, just a nice stack of presents and a swept floor.  In case you decide to switch, just remember that Befana isn't a milk and cookies kind of gal.  Leave her a glass of decent red wine and maybe some good cheese in case she's feeling a little peckish.

The warp from the back.

My Holiday Surprise was a new-to-me loom under my tree.  Well, actually, a giant box on my doorstep.  I was just coming home for lunch when the Fed-Ex Lady pulled in my driveway and was wrangling this massive box out of her truck. "What's in it?" she asked me.  My jaw had dropped and I looked at the return address and knew just what it was!  My LOOM!  I had been drooling all over my computer looking at this four harness cutie and I guess my husband and Befana must have gotten together to get this to me in time for the holiday!

Just finished this skein of yarn. It is Targhee, Tencel and Angeline
I know I should be showing pictures of her, but Hermione is a little shy and doesn't want her picture taken until she's been dressed.  So that might take a week or two.  I actually got this a few weeks ago, so what was really under the tree on the big day were some new heddles, a 12 dent stainless steel reed and my favorite cottolin yarn to weave with.  Yes, this has been a very nice holiday.
Did I mention warp-challenged?  This is where I messed up the second cross.
All told it was a lot of fun.  I still have a Target gift card to spend and I'm thinking of heading over there to get something weaver friendly or checking online at   They have a reasonably priced adjustable height barstool that might be just the thing for me and my looms.  And they are having a furniture sale to start off the New Year plus, if I find it online I can save the trip, and may qualify for free shipping which is a good thing as it will give me more time to weave.  I've eyed this stool in the store and not only is it adjustable height--a must for a loom--but it is padded, a must for my tush. Their furniture tends to be the put-it-together yourself kind--like my new-to-me loom.  We purchased our new kitchen bistro set there over the summer and really like it.  I suppose putting together furniture is a fact of modern life if you want something inexpensive but nice looking.
The green is header yarn to get the warp ready for the real stuff. I'll remove it after I take the project off the loom. This will be cheery curtains for my studio.

Tomorrow, I have a whole day of weaving fun ahead of me!  I really may stay up late tonight weaving because I don't think I'll be able to sleep knowing I can finally weave on Bella again.  I will intermingle weaving with winding the warp for Hermione, and of course normal stuff like going for a walk, eating lunch and maybe doing some reading. 

So that's it from the Craftstead!  I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

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