Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mad stasher diets

786 yards of purple alpaca
Stash seems to multiply if it isn't watched carefully -- or that's what I tell myself.  It is a lot like gaining weight, a cookie here, a chocolate there and before you know it--yep, the same old story.  I take wooly comfort in knowing that I'm not the only spinner with eyes bigger than her stash bucket.

So we have the Ravelry Group Spin You Stash where I join handspinners to make our Stash-O-Lutions for 2013 and plan to take a good whack at our stash. We do a monthly thread where we show each other how much we've spun and this has been a big help in keeping focused.  I am actually making a small dent in my stockpile! If you spin and have too much stash, come join us on Ravelry!

I plan to spin this Merino braid in December
As you may guess from my imagery, I'm also on a diet--or what we now call a change to a healthy-eating lifestyle because diet is now a bad word. And they are right because I do have to change the way I eat, right down to conquering my love affair with chocolate.  Three weeks into this I can say that fruit really does taste good and this realization has taken 8 pounds off my personal stash. So maybe I'm onto something, not sure yet as all this is in the early learning stage.


  1. Congratulations! 8 pounds is an awesome achievement, you must feel great.

  2. Thank you! I do! It's a total motivator.