Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fighting fat while warping a loom

Hermione has a sectional warp beam.
Musing while warping usually gets me in trouble.  I ended out misthreading the pattern for towels while thinking about how salty foods lead to overeating.  I caught it when I found two extra pattern threads at the end of the last repeat.  Going back over my work, I discovered at least two instances of brain-cramp so I decided to redo the whole pattern from the beginning.  Hermione, is my new-to-me loom a 27" Fanny counterbalance loom that fits nicely into my workshop space.  As readers know, I sold a larger Fanny sometime back and regretted it.

All the black had been threaded until I caught the error.
The sectional warp beam is a nice feature of this loom.  Unfortunately, I don't have all the equipment to do a sectional warp, so I improvised by creating 20 one-inch twelve yard warps on my warping board and winding them on separately using a tension device I bought cheap on e-bay.  This technique is still experimental, and I'll show it to everyone if it actually works to create a good tension on my loom.  One thing for certain, once I figured out how to wind the inch wide bits on correctly, the warp has given me none of the usual grief.  So far so good.  I'm interested in seeing how it weaves.

Now for the weight loss part.

I've had a few ups and downs in this department, including some stress that led me to eat some not-too-good-for-me things.  For one, we ordered take out pizza.  Talk about salt.  It was like eating salt on wet bread.  I use some salt in the pizza's I make myself, but never quite like this.  Worse, the salty pizza made me crave more salty pizza and within 45 minutes of being done I was craving refined sugar to get the greasy-salt flavor out of my mouth.  No wonder I'm fat.  I'd eaten that pizza prior to my lifestyle change and never noticed it was so salty!  I thought it was a bit salty, but it didn't taste like salty wet bread. Really, I should have thrown it out, but ate it anyway, such is the power of salt.

I'm spinning lots of this home carded merino/alpaca blend.

The craving for sugar didn't leave me all the way, and a couple of days later I was seized by the idea to stop into a local chain drugstore for a big bag of chocolate peanut candies to nosh on.  When I got to the register, I discovered the price was nearly twice what was displayed without the coupon, card etc--an annoying issue with this chain.  I couldn't stomach paying $6.89 for something that would push me closer to the grave. (Oddly, I was willing to pay $3.99). So I told the check-out guy, nicely and in a manner that made him laugh, that I would skip it.  And for this discrepancy in price I am ever thankful, because it did snap me to my senses.  Yes, there is something oddly insensible about that sugar craving when it hits.

In the meantime, I was able to get a big bag of naval oranges for much less than the candy would have cost, and I am back on the healthy eating bandwagon after that pizza hiatus.  I will report on my weight loss next week since my official weigh-in day is tomorrow! (I didn't dare weight myself after the salty pizza last weekend! Diet tip #893: Don't weight yourself after eating salty wet bread err-um pizza!

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