Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting organized in 2013

Silk and merino hat resting in clean crystal bowl

Between being sick and concentrating on my weaving, I let clutter and dust run amock in my house, so I spent the past week putting in a couple of hours a day on some neglected chores.  The place looks pretty good despite the freshly laid muddy paw prints from a dog too enthusiastic about the January thaw.  Tonight was knit night, so an erratic trail of paw shaped dirt runs through my kitchen. 

Posed in the shiny crystal bowl for fun is the silk and merino hat I started at knit night. I have great confidence this hat will work out and I won't be frogging it.  This is the second attempt with this particular yarn and is one of 13 projects in 2013 challenge I joined.  A hat seems like a simple small project for most people but I'm picky.  I just hope round two works out for me.

Corriedale Mohair blend

I'm not sure I'm happy with how this Corriedale Mohair blend is spinning up--the fiber supply isn't what I like, kind of tough an noily and  it is showing up in an uneven singles. Plying should help.  I have fifteen ounces of it which I'm determined to get spun up despite its annoying tendencies.

Still threading the loom!
And I'm still at work threading Hermione with these towels.  I discovered another threading mistake so I am redoing a section yet again!  I hope I don't have to find out if the third time is a charm.

My other organizing extravaganza for 2013 involves getting a scanner.  I'd like to digitize some old photos, plus get some paper work sorted.  I did research and have decided on one of the Canon's shown in this little picture. Yes, we have an old 3 in 1 printer, but the scanning function doesn't work very well. After reading some reviews, I think I know why but I'm not enough of a techie to explain it.  I just want something small that will work.

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