Sunday, January 6, 2013

The joy of weaving and healthy eating

Delicious sights of healthy eating.
I never knew fruit tasted so good, until I realized I'd better start eating two or three a day if I want to stay healthy.  The tiny stroke I had about a month ago has put a new perspective on a lot of eating habits and goals.  Oh, I know this watermelon isn't very local of me. But I live in the Chicago area and most of what grows within 200 miles of me is corn and soybeans and now the fields are empty. If lived in California, this would be a nice local treat in the heart of January.  So really, eating local is a matter of location. As it is, I froze a lot of Michigan berries and other delicious summer treats, but not enough to meet nutritional goals.

Two mugs like this came from my homesteading SIL.
Herbal tea has become a mainstay to keep off the winter chill.  The hospital wouldn't give me caffeine, so when they let me out, I decided to just stay away.  I love all the tasty flavors herbal tea comes in.  I stocked up on the Celestial Seasonings holiday blends which let me have the taste of gingerbread and sugar cookies without all the sugar and saturated fats.  I've discovered quite a few teas I absolutely love and I'm sitting here sipping one right now.
Weaving is well underway on the studio curtains.
This week, I've been doing a lot of weaving.  I have several feet of curtain woven--the yellow is pure cotton, but the pink is cotton and rayon.  I'm finding it a little delicate under the strain of the loom--mostly around the edges, but otherwise it is weaving beautifully.  The rayon gives that pink depth and a nice bit of sheen.  They should really brighten up the room at night.
Nine inches worth of warp is on my new-to-me-loom.

Challenging me has been figuring out a way to sectional warp without all the needed equipment.  I am measuring out 12 yards of warp on my warping board and then winding it onto the sectional warp beam of my new-to-me loom.  This is the loom I sort-of found under the tree (see last week's blog) and I really love it.  I'll show you more pictures when she's warped, but Hermione is a 27" counter balance loom, a LeClerc Fanny.  This size is perfect for my workshops where she sits waiting for me to complete the warping process.  I am looking forward to weaving on her. In the meantime, I've been working out the kinks in this hybrid-warping methods, and have already wasted some yarn after making some serious mistakes.  But, in the end it should be worth it.  This long warp should allow me to make a dozen dish towels!

So that is all the news from the Craftstead.  Thanks for stopping by!

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