Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crosstraining with fiber

I purchased some little weights for toning exercises.

Threading a loom can lead to aches and pains. On my new-to-me loom, a 27-inch-weaving-width Fanny, I feel it right between the shoulder blades.  I've also discovered that as the pain starts, so do the mistakes. Now, after one inch width of threading, I pop across my workshop and card a batt of the merino alpaca blend I've been spinning.  Carding I get to do standing up so it's a nice change, and the ache in my shoulder blades doesn't have a chance to form.  I will need to sit at this loom, so I suppose I'll be carding batts every so often as I weave.  This will definitely keep me productive and keep me from sitting for too long. Once I'm done with this blog, I'll go up stair and weave on my big loom, which I do standing up.

Colors to go with the warp I'm threading now.

Color is my weaving theme this year.  These colors will be used with the black and white warp I've been threading. I am hoping for some interesting, bright towels. I have many plans for weaving this year, I just have to get that warp on. Well, that's all to show for now--yes, things are moving slowly here at the Craftstead!

But before I go up to weave, I'm going to check this out--Lane Bryant is having a sale and they have nice clothes.  Even though I'm a big woman,  I still like to look nice!
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