Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aerobic fiber

A batt and braid I'm spinning up for variety.

Sadly, fibery pursuits doesn't provide many opportunities for exercise.  It tends to be a lot of sitting and concentrating, and maybe a little calf stretching while spinning.  So I make it a point to stand and work whenever I can.  Fortunately, my Leclerc Nylus is big enough to allow me to do this, and I can stand while carding, or winding bobbins.  Lately, I've taking to walking in place while winding off yarn to the niddy-noddy.
Merino alpaca blend waiting for winding off.
So I got a little bit of exercise today while winding off this large bobbin of plied yarn--682 yards worth to be exact.  It took some time and I'd like to count it towards my workout but I don't see anything on my exercise tracker for aerobic yarn winding.  Perhaps these exercise tracking programs are a little closed minded. At one point I was twirling nearly a pound of niddy-noddy and yarn in with one hand! That should count for something.

Yarn for my next weaving project.
Winding warp also allows me to stand and pretty much wave my arms around as I wind threads onto a warping board.  It isn't much exercise but at least I am standing up.  I am halfway through a 3 yard warp that will be 1000 ends.  I'm making a throw.  Next time I'll buy more warp and chose two different wefts as it occurs to me this is a lot of work for just one throw!

This handspun yarn still needs to be blocked for weaving. 
So that's about all the exercise my fiber pursuits allow.  I will probably get a few squats in when I go to block this yarn, which is essentially drying it with weight on it.  This is important to do with yarn you are planning to weave with, or so I have read.  I suppose I will have to take a break from crafting in order to exercise for real.  I'd better go pop an exercise DVD in--it's time to get serious about staying healthy.

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