Sunday, March 31, 2013

Into the deep end

This is waiting for self-plying.
As I write this, I'm sipping a smoothy made with fat free vanilla yogurt and strawberries I froze from last summer.  This is because I took a step off the edge and into the deep end in terms of health and fitness this weekend.  I went ahead and signed up to work with a personal trainer two days a week! I am still a little sore from my fitness evaluation on Friday so my first session should be interesting.  But, I had to do something.  Going it on my own just isn't working.  And having to meet with someone twice a week, plus paying, will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Paying is a big thing. Hiring a professional to work with you one on one is not cheap, but it will be worth it considering the health issues I'm facing.  So while I work on using up all the stored fat on my body, I will also be using up the stored stash in my closets, because my discretionary spending is pretty much shot. Yep, it's the deep end. But I'm not one to worry.

Romney singles in Tiger Lilly colorway.
The next time I want yarn or fleece, I can just head to stash storage central.  In my 20 years of spinning, I've accumulated a crazy amount of stash despite being diligent about using my fibers. I knit almost exclusively with handspun and I have already made a couple of woven projects from it.  And I have skeins of yarn waiting to be made into something. So yes, I can just go to the closet or bin and find something lovely to work with like the Tiger Lilly colorway yarn above.

I just hope I can keep up with the training! Oh, and I left a note out for the Easter Bunny, asking her to skip my house this year.  No way do I want more calories to work off.


  1. I have been considering a personal trainer...for just that reason to pay someone makes it more real.

  2. Good luck with the personal training. I've been knitting from stash for the past year and find it strangely liberating. I'm yet to see a significant difference in my stash yet though...