Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project madness

Filmore Fox oversees the project on my counterbalance loom.
So many projects, so little time--I'm sure you've run into this in your crafting.  It's when you have more ideas than actual time to craft.  I am full of ideas, have plenty of stash, but only so many hours to complete the long and somewhat complicated process of making something. Fortunately I have Filmore, shown above, a little crocheted fox I purchased from EpicxCloth on Etsy.  He's supposed to be a bracelet, but I think he makes an excellent loom ornament, cheering me on as I weave.  The artist who made these has other lovely items, including a swan bracelet, which I'm sure will be perfect for some lucky loom. She also happens to be my niece, just so you know, and very talented!

Continuing project on Hermione.
And I certainly need cheering on.  As you can see from above, I'm still weaving away on warp using turquoise weft.  I'm only on towel #2, and really should be a further along--maybe to towel 4 when I start with the red weft.  I ran into some problems with a couple of warps snapping, and then my regular life intruded on my crafting time! Yes,  Life Happens and it kept me from weaving for about a week.  But I did manage to sneak some spinning in.  Spinning is one of those things where I can sit down with five spare minutes and make some progress.  Weaving needs at least 20.
Ravelry badge for the group I started

And just as life got busy, I started a Ravelry group for people who have Leclerc looms.  Considering I have two, I thought it would be fun to start a group.  There's a really big group on Ravelry, the original Warped Weavers, which I 'm a member of and  love, but it's is really crowded!  You can skip being online for a day or two and find you 400 posts in the "what are you weaving" thread alone.  I have trouble keeping up with it, so I though a smaller group would be nice way to get to know people.  Plus, we can all share our knowledge on how the Leclerc looms work.  I love my two looms and I can make whatever I want without loom issues getting in the way. 

Pretty roving came home with me from Esther's Place.

After Life Happened, I headed to Esther's Place in Big Rock to see what was there and several pretty rovings came home with me. I love them and I have big plans for these, but more about that later.  Yes, I have more project ideas than time, and I'm enjoying every moment of it!

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