Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rain, rain go away

Freshly plied tiger-lily dyed Romney
Torrential rain saturated our yards and flooded the streets this week--the Chicago area had two whole days of heavy rain.  I woke up early on Thursday to a thunder-laced downpour.  Another one, at about the time to leave for work, was so heavy and fast it pushed debris off the law and clogged the street drain.  I was out in my Wellies in a foot of water with a snow shovel (the handiest thing in the garage) clearing debris away.   Once open, the street drained in a gushing whirlpool.  There was a good foot of water up on the sidewalk, so the lower street was even deeper.  It took awhile to clear the street, but it drained and so did the little river forming along the property line with the neighbor.
Whirlpool going down the drain.

With all that rain, it was a good time to get a little spinning done.  I finished up a couple of spindles full and did some plying.  I'm quite proud with how the Romney I dyed that Tiger Lilly orange came out.  It's quite sparkly and nicely plied.  Not so with the merino/alpaca blend.  It is very poorly plied and I will need to send it through the wheel again.
Poorly plied yarn needs to be redone.

I'm a little annoyed that I went ahead and skeined that yarn, because now I have to wind it in a ball and send it through the wheel again.  I'm not really happy with how the Lendrum's big bobbin works.  Yes, I get a nice big skein but there's not enough speed to get a good twist on the ply.  If I were to design the perfect plying bobbin it would be big but capable of blinding speeds.  I have also discovered this wheel is happier working on hardwood floors.  Carpet can make it clumsy to treadle.  But it is still a good wheel--just not fast enough for me when plying.

The orange Romney, by the way, I did send through twice.  I think I was too glad to have two big skeins to show to notice how bad the merino/alpaca was until I went to take a picture.  So I say, "Darn!" and get ready to prepare the skein for replying.  If I'm lucky, I may be able to do so right off the swift.

And on a positive note, we've had a lovely weekend--warmish weather and blue sky!  

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