Monday, April 8, 2013

Slow going

Not much spinning happened this past week.

As I've ramped up my focus on diet and exercise, crafting has suffered.  Yep, there was a lot to think about and do as I started getting up early to train.  I had plenty of energy, but most of that was spent on meal planning and in the grocery store studying labels and trying to figure out what would fit into my healthy diet.  No more junk food for me--all whole grains and lean protein.  Of course, I've been eating whole grains and lean protein for quite some time--I just won't be letting the "bad" stuff sneak into my grocery cart anymore.

I discovered Greek Yogurt this week and that is a treat.  It's like icecream but healthy.  I mix the plain stuff with fruit and that cuts the tartness and yum!  Dieting has never been so good. I can't wait until berry season starts to try this out even more.  Fortunately, I have some frozen berries left from last berry season--one of the advantages of sustainable living.

I hope to get back to weaving this week.  I guess I can't do everything--but with all this new found exercise energy, I should be able to catch up!

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  1. I love Greek yogurt! I also love how if you put it over frozen berries it freezes like ice cream. Yum yum!