Sunday, May 12, 2013

Silly walks

Those of you who are fans of Monty Python, may recall a skit by John Cleese, The Ministry of Silly Walks, in which he would be out on the street dressed in a suit and carrying a brief case doing, well, silly walks.  This is pretty much what was on my mind when my personal trainer, Julia, asked me to cross the gym doing long lunges and cross it again backward!  Yep, that look on my face was not concentrating on form but concentrating on not laughing.

The other day she had me squat with my hands in front of me and make little bunny hops across the gym!  Not even John Cleese got that silly.  Then there is the sideways cross step back and forth, which almost seemed kind of normal.  The clincher of silly walks I've done in the name of fitness is to walk across the gym with my arms straight out in front of  me while trying to lift my knee to arm level.  Monty Python, eat your heart out!

Though silly walks tend to be helpful, I discovered that after getting up from, say, reading, a bout of silly walking is a great way to get the blood flowing and the muscles flexing in the legs!

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